Goal: The goal of this 5-day sprint was to create an event microsite.


Art displayed at the 2019 Art Basel Miami Beach event


For this week, we had to add a feature onto a website. I was excited to see what solutions I could find.

My team included Andrew Roig and me. I thought we worked well together. Here are the fun parts and struggles of going through the project.


  1. Secondary Research

I enjoyed the secondary research, but I should’ve spent more time researching.

The secondary research showed that over half a billion people use LinkedIn. …

My second week has ended at Ironhack Miami. I learned new skills in my UX/UI class and completed another project. Below is what I learned as I traversed through a tougher project. Enjoy!

Week one ended, and week two begun. And with it, a new project. This time, we were placed on new teams and tasked with utilizing last week’s methods, processes, and platforms along with this week’s. This week focused more on a business perspective, equipping our minimum viable products with the Lean UX method. …

fPhoto by Gabriel on Unsplash

Week one has ended at Ironhack Miami. My UX/UI class was divided into teams and tasked with finding the Minimum Viable Product on a wicked problem of our choosing, amongst a list of problem choices. Here’s our process:

The Wicked Problem:

For this second challenge in my journey, I was tasked with creating a wireframe for any mobile app I choose. I decided to create a wireframe of the Reminders app on iPhone because of its importance and it perfectly balances beauty with simplicity. The app does not complicate itself and users.

The experience was challenging but fun. I used Figma to create the wireframe. What I learned is that I need to have a better understanding of the program but also to pay more attention to the design details of the mobile apps I use everyday. This wireframe is the baseline upon which I will continue to improve my skills.

The first challenge I was tasked with for the Ironhack pre-work was to solve a problem, using design thinking.

The client: Citymapper

Citymapper is a mobile transit app that provides its users with quick and affordable public or private routes to take to the users’ desired destinations.

It functions like other mapping and transit apps; however, it Citymapper identified a problem that the users were having. The bus payment methods are not streamlined in one convenient location.

My objective for this challenge is to solve Citymapper’s problem via design methods.

  1. Empathize:

I wanted to get a better understanding of Citymapper’s…

Sam Rynor

Recent University of Florida graduate, current Ironhack student in UX/UI design

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