Ironhack Pre-work: Design Thinking

The first challenge I was tasked with for the Ironhack pre-work was to solve a problem, using design thinking.

The client: Citymapper

Citymapper is a mobile transit app that provides its users with quick and affordable public or private routes to take to the users’ desired destinations.

It functions like other mapping and transit apps; however, it Citymapper identified a problem that the users were having. The bus payment methods are not streamlined in one convenient location.

My objective for this challenge is to solve Citymapper’s problem via design methods.

  1. Empathize:

I wanted to get a better understanding of Citymapper’s target market, so I prepared questions in advance to collect feedback. I wanted these questions to be contextual to provide the interviewees a feel for the situation.

  1. I would like you to remember the last time you were abroad. How did you manage to get around the area?
  2. How would you describe your typical commute?
  3. What were the places you would visit?
  4. How did you manage to purchase tickets for your commutes?
  5. Could you elaborate on any difficult situations you had with a commute?
  6. What could have had improved that situation?

The interviewees:

Elan | 24 year-old | Computer Programmer

Ryan | 23 year-old | Medical School Student

Alan | 23 year-old | Financial Analyst

Kayla | 57 year-old | Business Product Manager

Eric | 25 year-old | PHD Student

2. Define:

The interviews depict that there were payment obstacles. Below is a quote.

“The app I used abroad was helpful, but the language barrier created payment problems during the first month of my stay. Despite knowing how to circumvent the problem, I wish it could have been more straightforward with a universal form of payment.”

— Elan

3. Solution:

It would be easier for Citymapper to have a one payment system; however, problems could arise since busses, trains, Uber, etc. are part of different companies and have their own systems in place. To mitigate that problem, Citymapper could incorporate user accounts with the different companies in its app, allow users to pay in one location, which would then redistribute the appropriate payment amounts to the respective user accounts with the other companies.

4. Conclusion:

Incorporating this solution could still have legal problems, but it would allow for a more streamlined user experience with the payments made in one place.

Recent University of Florida graduate, current Ironhack student in UX/UI design